Customer Services

Ticketing for Professional Request Management

To WOW website visitors, leads and customers, tickets are widely the preferred way of handling incoming Emails. It reduces reaction time as you distribute and process them according to set rules and alarm other users if your set standards are not fulfilled.

OLARK Live Chat Integration for Immediate Visitor Interaction

With a leading technology provider for Live Chats, integrates with OLARK so that you keep your CRM updated with transcripts generated from your live chats. Multiple summaries and statistics allow you to manage professionally your customer support service requirements so you know if your human resources are sufficient.

WALK ME - The Enterprise Guidance and Engagement Platform Integration

Accelerate training, software adoption and reduce learning time to make work for you. With WALK ME we offer our users a permanent assistant to help you find your way to make the best use of our software. Monitoring all user interaction with the software allows us to continuously improve the user experience and complete it where necessary.